Our passion is for the Lost, unsaved, troubled and underprevilaged people Who have never experienced God’s love


  • presence of the Lord is what is more valuable to us.
  • True Christianity is a relationship with the living God .
  • We desire to experience God’s presence through the ministries of the Word and the Holy Spirit.
  • We believe in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, where the believer is empowered to fulfill the Great Commission and to do the works of Jesus.
Our Church

We're glad you've dropped by for a visit. New Life fellowship church is a thriving, charismatic, non-denominational and family oriented church where you are welcome with your family. people have experienced changed lives,healings and deliverance in their lives.we are committed to see people are strengthened and grow in deeper relationship with Christ.


  • We are open to God's ever-changing and ever-enlarging vision.
  • Our lives are marked by a sense of divine destiny, and we work hard to train younger believers to share this purpose.